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Debt treatment -
May 29, 2014

Total external debt of the country

1/ $ 9 690 million of which being due to Paris Club as of 30 April 2014

2/ $ 1 972 million of which being due to Paris Club as of 30 September 2022

Accorded treatment

Amendment to the Joint Declaration 2014 signed on 28 October 2022

Categories of debt treated

1/ Treatment of arrears as of April 30, 2014

2/ Treatment of the debt stock covered by the 2014 Joint Declaration


Repayment profile

Treatment under Ad Hoc terms

Cut-off date

10 December 1983

Organisation of the session

The meeting dated 29 May 2014 was chaired by Mr. Ramon FERNANDEZ, Chairman of the Paris Club. The head of the debtor country's delegation was Dr. Axel KICILLOF, Minister of Economy and Public Finance.

The meeting dated 28 October 2022 was chaired by Mr. Emmanuel MOULIN, Chairperson of the Paris Club. The delegation of the Argentine Republic was headed by Mr. Leonardo MADCUR, Secretary of State and Chief of Staff, Mr. Marco LAVAGNA, Secretary of State and in charge of the Secretariat of International Economic and Financial Affairs.


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