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The Paris Club releases comprehensive data on its claims as of 31 December 2023

July 01, 2024


Since 2008, the Paris Club has published annually the amount of its claims on foreign countries.

These claims are held either by the Paris Club creditors directly, or through their appropriate institutions (including export credit or development agencies) on behalf of the member states.

The table published on the Paris Club website presents the total amount of claims as of 31 December 2023 held by Paris Club members on each borrower country, with a split into Official Development Assistance (ODA) claims and non-Official Development Assistance (NODA) claims.

At this date, the total of claims held by the Paris Club, excluding late interest, amounts to USD 334.2 billion of which USD 195.3 billion are ODA claims and USD 138.9 billion are NODA claims.

Some amounts on which Paris Club creditors decided to provide debt relief may still appear in this table for technical reasons, especially delays in the signing of bilateral agreements implementing Paris Club agreements.


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