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Paris Forum regional conference in Namibia

Paris Forum organizes its first regional conference in Namibia

December 08, 2017


The Paris Forum held its first regional conference in Southern Africa on 8 December 2017, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Namibia and CABRI


On 8 December 2017, the Paris Forum co-organized, with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Namibia and the Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI), its first regional conference in Southern Africa. This event aimed at fostering further focused discussions among sovereign lenders and borrowers on debt issues.

Representatives of more than 10 countries and of 6 international institutions gathered in Windhoek, in Namibia. The discussions focused on ways to ensure a sustainable financing for development and to improve debt management.

Participants highlighted the importance of transparency to ensure debt sustainability. They raised awareness on the potential impact of contingent liabilities, in particular through public private partnerships and state-owned enterprises, and collateralized debt on the debt sustainability path. They also stressed the necessity of a sound public financial management, capacity building and robust macroeconomic policies.

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